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Wide and in-depth experience in the management of technology companies ...

As well as the general management skills required for professional company management, the team has specialist expertise in technology company management plus direct experience in mergers and acquisitions. We have successfully steered a company through challenging market conditions and have been particularly successful in achieving company growth through entry to new markets and the establishment of long-lasting relationships with key customers. Management of change has been a constant theme and we have a culture of innovation and continuous improvement to drive company performance.

Product Development

The team has have been involved in the development of high technology products for over 30 years. We have experience in the entire product development process, starting with the germ of an idea and culminating in a successful product that meets the needs of the market. Over the years we have developed many successful products, ranging from simple units through to complex multi-million pound systems, that have satisfied the requirements of the most demanding customers.

Project and Programme Management

Product development can be a challenging activity which needs effective project management if it is to succeed. In addition to many years of project management experience, we also have direct experience in the introduction and successful application of the industry standard PRINCE2 process for the management of development projects and programmes (groups of related projects).

Technology Management

The introduction of a new technology can give a product a market leading position but it can also greatly increase the development risk. The solution to this dilema is to manage the introduction of new technology and to be well prepared before product development even commences. Having worked at the leading edge of wireless development for many years we have extensive experience in the introduction of new technologies and in managing the associated risks.

Product Management

The pro-Solve team has extensive experience in the management of a wide range of technology products for wireless communication applications. Successful product management entails gaining a deep understanding of customer requirements and the ability to translate the real needs into specifications for products and services that deliver customer benefits and competitive advantage. The team has a proven track record in product management, delivering profitable growing revenues streams.


Well defined and manufactured products should be supported by the best possible marketing. The pro-Solve team have generic expertise in marketing communications, selection of channels to market and sales team training and support. The team has a deep knowledge of global commercial wireless markets and technologies from GSM, UMTS, HSDPA, HSUPA, CDMA 2000, TETRA and the 802.xx series together with other military and commercial markets.

Business and Engineering Processes

Most companies make some use of processes and procedures to control the way in which their staff work but many do not consider their use at more senior levels. However, it is at senior levels where some of the most complex decisions are made and where well defined processes can be most valuable. We have developed and introduced new processes at all levels in a company and have experienced the improved business performance and cultural change they can bring.

Quality Systems

We have had considerable experience in ISO 9001 quality systems and were successful in achieving early certification to the ISO 9001:2000 standard. We have also pioneered the use of web based techniques to deliver process information to users and seen many benefits compared with the traditional approach based on paper manuals.

Business Management

We have the skills and experience necessary to manage the Business and Engineering decision making while following a world class process. Portfolio management, partnership and teaming decisions as well as programme management are all key capabilities and are often an essential part of the new product introduction process. Tools are available for business case assessment including standard business case templates and financial models.

R&D/Engineering Management

We have over 20 years experience in managing engineering departments involved in the development of high technology products, with headcounts exceeding 200 people and with R&D budgets of over 10M. We also have considerable experience in out-sourcing development work and have obtained particularly impressive results in offshore software development based in India.

Global Business to Business Sales of High Technology Products

The team has extensive experience in setting up global sales channels, in particular for sales of highly complex advanced technology systems where customer confidence is achieved through highly professional local sales and applications support.

Electronic Product Manufacturing

Best practice techniques used inappropriately may not bring the benefits envisaged and this is even more of an issue when manufacturing highly configurable products/systems. Our experience ensures techniques are introduced that are right for your business. The team's knowledge, developed from restructuring many organisations, can help ensure your business is correctly positioned and most importantly, ready to face future challenges.

Worldwide Product Support

Creating the right support structure can significantly enhance a business and provide for excellent customer satisfaction. We have experience of introducing a range of support products that can provide a significant additional income stream. Our experience covers the provision of global 24 hr helpdesk support including applications specialists providing real customer benefit.

Company Sales and Acquisitions

The team have had extensive experience of sales and acquisitions covering major electronics groups and have worked with investors, legal teams and financial organisations. Our experience has provided us with an excellent knowledge of the key activities and how best to leverage position.