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Experience in providing solutions for a range of demanding markets and applications ...

The pro-Solve team and their associates have a global reach in the following market segments:

Wireless Voice and Data Communications

With the technology evolving at an increasingly rapid pace, the wide ranging experience and technical back ground of the pro-Solve team has equipped us with the skills to undertake complex marketing asignments in the wireless industry. The team has a track record of working in close collaboration with major industry players. All modern mobile digital voice communications systems are evolving rapidly by adding high speed data capability and services while data centric standards such as Wireless LAN and WiMax are now able to offer VOIP. The team has knowledge of standards bodies, industry players and technology evolution plans.

Commercial and Military Radio Systems

The pro-Solve team also have a back ground in commercial, avionic and military radio development for diverse radio systems in both satellite and terrestrial applications. For example, the pro-Solve team has recently under taken a study of the market for Software Defined Radios in military and commercial applications.

Electronic Test and Measurement

The team has provided products and services to infrastructure vendors, network operators, mobile vendors and service providers across the globe covering diverse technology standards. Furthermore the products and services have spanned the whole technology cycle from product design to compliance testing, to manufacturing support, to infrastructure roll out and to field support and maintenance.

As well as extensive wireless communications test expertise the team has extensive general purpose automatic electronic test know how in development, manufacturing and field service applications.