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Wide management experience combined with a deep understanding of technologies and markets ...

Prior to establishing pro-Solve, the team worked together as the executive management team heading up a successful technology company. As well as the complete range of capabilities required to run a technology company, the team also has a deep understanding and wealth of experience in some key technology and market areas.


As well as the general management skills required for professional company management, the team has specialist expertise in technology company management plus direct experience in mergers and acquisitions. We have successfully steered a company through challenging market conditions and have been particularly successful in achieving company growth through entry to new markets and the establishment of long-lasting relationships with key customers. Management of change has been a constant theme and we have a culture of innovation and continuous improvement to drive company performance. ... more details


The members of pro-Solve team have been working in the field of professional electronics for over 30 years and have amassed a wealth of experience in the design and manufacture of electronic and software products. In particular, we have specialised in sectors that give us a deep understanding of and extensive experience in the core technologies that are fundamental to today's ever expanding wireless communications industry. ... more details


The pro-Solve team and associates have extensive knowledge of the application of modern wireless technology and the Cellular, Wireless LAN, Military Communications and PMR markets. This includes extensive knowledge of the standards bodies, compliance requirements, solutions providers, operators and vendors together the regional issues in the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific. ... more details