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A range of services bringing real business benefits to our clients ...

The list below provides an indication of the range of services we offer, all supported by our past experience plus our technology and industry knowledge. All our services are tailored to meet your specific needs so please contact us to discuss your requirements and how we can help.

Due Diligence for Company Acquisitions and Investments

We provide a service to the prospective investor/buyer, evaluating the technology, market projections, capability, business risks and financial projections of the target company.

Post-Investment Management

Subsequent to a successful investment or acquisition we provide support to help establish the company under its new ownership, integrate it within any existing organisation and develop it in line with the aims of the new owners. These services will typically be a combination of services listed below.

Seller Support for Company Sales

Good preparation and professional presentation can help maximise the price obtained for your company but can be a great consumer of management bandwidth at a time when it is vital to maintain company performance. We can support you during this challenging time and help you maximise your company's value.

Start-up Management

We can provide a complete management team to undertake inital hands-on management and to establish a long-term management team. Alternatively, if the future team is already identified we can provide mentoring and support during the early stages.

Interim Management

We can fill a temporary gap in your management team or provide additional expertise or capacity for a special project.

Market and Technology Studies

With our specialised knowledge and experience in electronics and wireless communications we can undertake studies and make recommendations to support your company development in these areas.

Business Development

We support the whole business development cycle from business case initiation and review to implementation of all aspects of the plan. This includes, management, risk management, markets, requirements capture, channels to market, development, financial viability, manufacturing, service and support.

New Project Initiation

The initiation phase of a project probably influences the outcome and its ability to meet business objectives more than any other phase of the project. We can support you during this critical stage with market analysis, requirements capture, organisation and planning, risk management and process development.

Project Management

As an extension to the above, we can provide ongoing support to your project through to its conclusion including, if required, hands on project management.

Bid Support

We provide requirements analysis, cost estimating, bid management, financial analysis and bid response services.

Business Process Improvement

With our extensive experience in business processes, and in particular improving business performance through the use of appropriate processes in senior teams, we can help you improve the performance of your company.

Manufacturing and Support Strategy

Manufacturing improvements are not about utilising every world-class technique but are about doing what is right for your organisation, including the make or buy decision. We review, advise and implement change that provides real benefit. Excellent support is key to business success and developing the right support products can add significant value as well as enhance customer retention. We will evaluate your current support strategy, propose how this can develop and help you implement change.

Intellectual Property Disputes

We provide independent advice and opinions in intellectual property disputes relating to wireless technology including, if necessary, acting as an expert witness.